Tuesday, March 27, 2012

25 random things about me

1. I believe in God
2. I’m a drama queen …. I looooooove drama. I’m the queen of chaos … hehehe
3. I’m kwayzeeeeeeeeeeee
4. I have a cheeky 10 year old son
5. I totally believe that age is just a bunch of numbers (because I have loads of them)
6. I love watching cartoons and reading children books (shh don’t tell nobody)
7. I love dancing. I dance like a crazy 16year old.
8. I’m kwayzee about my son
9. I’m a very energetic person, as in I jump outta bed, sing while working and just generally zip around. I zip, I don’t walk. I’m an exercise freak
10. I don’t feel short, although I’m below 5”2 I still feel tall (maybe bcos I adore wearing high heeled shoes)
11. I love music, I’m a schizophrenic when it comes to music and reading
12. I read during church service, especially the boring bits. I’ve missed my bus stop on several occasions because I was reading. I read when I’m on a long trek, I read at parties, I read to avoid socializing with snobs, I read just because… I usually have, at least, three books in my bag at every given time
13. I’ve become addicted to jogging. I pray while jogging.
14. I used to be a chain smoker (2packs) now I’m totally over that addiction … I think
15. I’m street smart, very independent and adventurous
16. I love dancing with my son on Saturday mornings to very loud music
17. I sing in my bath (offkey baybee)
18. I’ve been blonde. I’ve been brunette .Right now my hair is black with brown tips. I’m thinking blonde again.
19. I believe money is like fertilizer … spread it and it will germinate
20. I hate injustice and believe that snobs are basically insecure people with inferiority complex.
21. I have loads of great friends
22. I can eat anything as long as it has stopped moving
23. I love beautiful shoes, sexy underwear, old and faded but comfortable jean trousers, body fitting tops and I so adore stilettos and bags (hint hint) 
24. I speak fluent sarcasm. I can be extremely cynical.
25. I can switch off completely from people who have truly offended me. It’s like switching off the light. I see them and it’s like I never loved them before. I don’t hate them, I just become totally indifferent to them and that’s the scariest aspect of my life. It’s eerie and I just don’t know how NOT to do it. Once that switch is off … hasta de la byebye 


  1. Wow. You sure live the drama life!

  2. You are totally my kind of person! This reads like me in some ways, no wonder we tweet-get on so well :D