Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finding ways of losing Nemo, Nemesis dearest or Mice will play

I lived with them for years, they were there in my little apartment, and it was as if they pay part of the bills. They did everything in their power to throw me out and I retaliated…the mice, I’m talking about mice! They ate ate through packets of Indomie, cornflakes, and refill packs of everything no matter where you hide them and then used the rest as toilet. They ran through the house as if it was their backyard, they had a lot of fun…at my expense.

I tried everything, from rat poison to those funny looking contraptions sold on the roadside ‘guaranteed’ to kill all the mice in my house. I chased them around with slippers, I tried to trap them will all sorts, I even gave them indocid and they became taller, stronger and fatter. Things came to a head when I woke up one night to squeaks and what sounded like laughter coming from afar when I opened my eye and in front of me were about 15mice were playing right in front of my nose. Some of them were skipping ropes, some playing ‘ten-ten’ and some were playing hopscotch…this is no lie! I swear I saw them with my two naked eyes!

Before I could say Jack Robinson they had dragged in the mice version of a home theatre, electric guitars, drums and keyboards, I couldn’t believe my eyes, so deciding I must be dreaming I pulled the duvet over me and tried to get some sleep. The squeaks became louder but since I had made up my mind that I must be imagining things, I decided to ignore the noise…then I realized that this would not be possible since somebody must have entered my room with a really powerful torch. Thinking it could be Alex, I dragged the duvet and the pillow off my face and opened my mouth to yell at him to switch off the light when I realized I was wrong on one count.

There was really a powerful torch shinning in my face but it was not held by Alex, the light was coming from a mouse sized stage…a stage? I took a second look and what must be the mouse equivalent of D’banj got on stage and started doing his thing. The screams that filled my room was enough to wake the dead! I screamed and tried to jump off my bed, but I jumped back into bed when my feet touched furry bodies! They were all there, all the mice in the neighbourhood were there…walahi talahi this is no lie!

I made two decisions that night and one led to the other: I’ve had enough and I’m getting a cat! If I had known I was opening a pandora’s box, I wouldn’t have done it!

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