Monday, December 29, 2008

The Politics of Inequality

As George Orwell said in his book, Animal Farm, and I paraphrase “All animals are equal, but luckily for us, some are more equal than others.”
Equality is a noble ideal, treatise have been written on it, people have killed (and have been killed) for it – “Plebeians arise and strike down the aristocrats! All men shall be equal!”
History is full of examples of the majority arising to cast off the yoke of enslavement placed upon them by a powerful minority – China, Russia, France, India, China and our very own Zimbabwe.
Men have endured unimaginable ills, inflicted upon them on them by this powerful minority, until they are pushed to the wall – then they face their foes in a blind rage and smite! They maim! Murder! Burn! – Until the minority flees or die.
“We’ve had enough.” Their actions say, for words would have become useless tools at this point.
When man reaches this stage, the scene is at once both glorious and gory, sensitive men ignore the gore and focus on the glory. The best and basest of human character comes to play – the musicians sing lustfully of heroic deeds, the drummers beat out primordial rhythms on drums made out of human skin – and the people sway to the beats as one, they are on a mission, they have a higher calling.
They want, no they beg to be martyred, the shout of “Libert√©, egalit√©, fraternit√© et justice!” rents the air. “Gimme my motherland or I die!” At this point man always win, they win the war and they always lose the battle.
Because after the dust settles and the rubble is cleared…and George Orwell said in his book, Animal Farm, and I paraphrase – “All men are equal, unfortunately (and forevermore) some are simply more equal than others!”
…it’s a vicious cycle…

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